Missions of the future with the single-engine VRT500

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Broad Variety of Configurations to Assist Your Missions

The new VRT500 helicopters are suitable for a broad variety of missions. Including passenger or cargo transportation, external sling aerial operations, medical evacuation or primary training purposes. The VRT500 is capable to show supreme efficiency and safety in its performance.

As the new player on the single-engine helicopter market, the VRT500 has a broad range of options that can be configured to your needs.


The passenger configuration provides the spacious cabin with room for 5 passengers. It makes it a great choice for airport charter, as city air taxi and to travel quickly city-to-city.

VRT500 Rotorcraft Nordic passenger missions
VRT500 Rotorcraft Nordic passenger missions

Airport Charter

City Air Taxi


Cargo & Utility

With ample space, and MTOW capabilities, the VRT500 has the ability to perform reliably for cargo and utility aerial work. It will assist with online retail delivery, “last mile” delivery and precious and biomaterials transportation.

VRT500 Nordic Cargo & Utility  Mission
Cargo & Utility

Online Retail Delivery

“Last Mile” Delivery

Precious and biomaterials transportation

Emergency Services

Build for smart cities, the VRT500 makes for a great choice for emergency services such as medical assistance and police. The helicopter can comfortably navitgate urban areas and the cabin comfortably holds a stretcher.

VRT500 Nordic Emergency Services Missions
Emergency Services


Medical Assistance

Surveillance & Monitering

Additional to its endurance, the VRT500’s efficiency will reliably assist law enforcement in their duties. Its build for smart cities and can conveniently navigate through urban enviroments.

VRT500 Nordic Surveillance & Monitering Missions
Surveillance & Monitering

Comprehensive Missions

Private Application

Traffic Management Missions

Ensure the flow through your city, but having oversight over traffic control with the innovative VRT500. Connect to the mobile app to have controls with just a few clicks.

VRT500 Nordic Traffic Management  Missions
Traffic Management

Traffic Control

Mobile App

VRT500 Nordic
VRT500 Nordic


Learn more about the performance of the VRT500, and how it aligns with the requirements for your missions.

VRT500 Nordic
VRT500 Nordic


Our representatives are able to assist in the process. We want you the right configuration for your missions.