VRT500 for the Nordics

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the Single-Engine VRT500

The VRT500 is a new player on the single-engine helicopter market.


One of a Kind

The coaxial main rotors, class-leading interior space for passengers with its rear cargo flaps, makes VRT500 one of a kind in its segment.

Max Range

The max range of 860 km makes the VRT500 efficient in its performance.

Max Speed

At 250 km/h, you will quickly from point A to point B.


Cargo and aerial work are facilitated with it 730 kg payload capacity.

Max Endurance

Ther endurance of 5,8 hours ensures a reliable performance. 

Max Capacity

The spacious cabin has room to seat 5 passengers comfortably.


The robust engine has the capability to pull 1,650 kg on take-off.


Whether for passenger or cargo transportation, external sling aerial operations, medical evacuation or primary training purposes, the VRT500 is capable to show supreme efficiency and safety in its performance.

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The development of VRT500 main systems involved cooperation with leading Russian and European companies and was developed according to peered International safety regulations. 



The competitive operational costs and operational availability of the helicopter is ensured by the certified and worldwide known engine, along with advanced maintenance organization principles.

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